November Red



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We’re proud to inform you that finally our new album has been released and is available now – NOVEMBER RED has been born. Get your handsigned copy of our latest work now! Exclusively only here in the DANTESHOP : Every CD is coming to you as a handsigned copy with the autograph of all musicians! Feel free to take a closer look and listen to the album. We love it!

„Wonderful: the emotional piano ballad Beautifully Broken..Fascinating: the epic title track november red…all in all this album is again a hot piece of music“

Metal Hammer Germany 01/2013

Alex says:

Alex / Singer of DANTE

„So here it is: the long awaited third album of DANTE : „november red“. Soon after the release of our album „saturnine“ in July 2010, we began with the songwriting for a new album and we were pretty sure it would be done within a year. But things didn’t work out such perfectly as we hoped at this time. Our bass player Michael Neumaier left the band because he had to move to Paris for a new job. So we started all over again because there were concerts to play. Our former guitarist Markus Berger switched to the position of the vacant job and Markus A. Bader became the only remaining guitarist of the band.

Then something very very bad happenend. Markus Berger became very ill. Being a essential part of the Band and in the whole recording process the working on „november red“ slowed down. But after all we did it. In retrospect I don’t remember how. We just moved on, just as we promised him to do.

As we signed a new contract with the legendary german Label massacre records we knew, this very special piece of music won’t be unheared. „November Red“ would be born.

We were glad and full of joy. The band still existed. And we were prepared for the return of Markus. But then things get worse after all. Markus Berger didn’t recover from his terrible disease. In fact: He died 20 days before the Release of „November Red“.

So this album is now also the legacy of a fantastic musician and a very very very good friend.

This one is for you my friend! We miss you so much! We love you! I wish I had told you that more often than I actually did when you were still alive …

„Dante’s third album which is their label debut on Massacre is a great progressive metal album that impresses more than most progressive metal albums I have heard in a while. This means that if you like progressive metal you should not miss this album, it is infernally good…