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Pre-Order the 5th DANTE album „WINTER“!

What you will get?

  • Signed by all bandmembers
  • Personal dedication

This is the next chapter…DANTE return with their 5th studio album „WINTER“, a bold statement by the alchemists of Prog.

While the release of their 3rd album „November Red“ was overshadowed by the severe illness and eventual death of DANTE co-founder Markus Berger (the band only recently released a tribute Piano version of „Shores of Time“ off of that album), their highly praised and successful 4th release „When We Were Beautiful“ in a way always was the „first album without him“ and made it an emotionally difficult album for the band, trying to keep Markus´ spirit alive in the new music and also trying to move on and further develop the band.

The simple fact that the band succeeded in doing so, staying loyal to both their history and Markus´ spirit while growing as a band and incorporating new elements, did not come as a surprise, as the band never was afraid of a good challenge and also over the years had developed an extremely tight bond. Yet, it was still a big emotional relief for the band that it all went so well with that album.

„Winter“ clearly opens up a new page in the book for the band from Augsburg / Germany with the full integration of guitar virtuoso Julian Kellner (who joined the band right at the time of the release of „When We Were Beautiful“ and was already part of their acclaimed Live-DVD „Where Life Was Beautiful – Live in Katowice“) and swedish bass monster Jim Magnusson into the band and the songwriting process, and while it still offers DANTE´s trademark skills – the great enthusiasm in the playing, the intellectual challenges and musical twists, the overall amount of musicality and musicianship – and the knack for BIG choruses of course! – it clearly has quite a few new flavors and an overall heavyness that sets it apart from the band´s previous albums while still unmistakably being a DANTE album right at the album´s DNA and beyond.

The result is a thrilling, thriving, pulsing and heavy pounding, emotionally powerful and virtuoso ProgMetal-Masterpiece driven by a band with a true vision in musical excellence.

Alexander Göhs (vocals), Markus Maichel (keyboards), Christian Eichlinger (drums), Julian Kellner (guitars) and Jim Magnusson (bass) deliver an album that clearly states that DANTE are here to stay.