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„Saturnine“ was the logical follower to our debut „The Inner Circle“. Most songs of this album are still a essential part of every DANTE Show. Get your handsigned copy exclusively here on DANTESHOP.

„Saturnine is the next step after the promise of The Inner Circle, and signals the arrival of a major player on the prog/prog-metal scene.“

sea of tranquility

Alex says:

Alex / Singer of DANTE

„Soon after the release of our first album „The Inner Circle“ we instantly knew as artists, that DANTE wasn’t a studio project anymore and we wanted to play live on stage. So in the year 2008 Michael Neumaier joined the band to play the bass guitar and we gave our first concerts, promoting „The Inner Circle“. In this summer Markus Maichel took me to his car after we met with some friends, pushed a CD in his CD Player and let me listen to the first idea for the second album. After I heared „All My Life“ for the first time, I instantly knew : our fear, that we couldn’t write an album like „The Inner Circle“ a second time was clearly unfounded.

From now on, we wrote on the songs for „Saturnine“ for the whole next year and Markus Maichel and Markus Berger recorded them in our new RED TUBE STUDIOS. We were thrilled to bits when „saturnine“ was released on Prog Rock Records in July 2010.

Today, I still like the album very much and simply love the songs  „Last“Never Return“ „Vanessa“ and the ballad „Maybe One Day“  – and so did the critics worldwide.

If i had only one word to describe my feelings about our second Album „Saturnine“ it would be: pride!

So if you read this please take the time to consider whether years of passion and hard work , an extensive artwork and good songs aren’t worth to be bought. By buying our work you directly support all our further activities and you make sure that good non-commercial music has a chance to be born in the future.

Thank you!

Dante has made a superb second album, they have not let me down for a minute. Saturnine is a must in every heavy progressive metal collection.