When We Were Beautiful



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The 4th DANTE album „When We Were Beautiful“ is out now!

Evolutionary, modern and consequent – on When We Were Beautiful DANTE took all their trademark strengths of the previous albums and combined them in one masterpiece.
DANTE never sounded heavier, never more progressive and never more complex – and yet on the other hand they also managed to sound catchier and more melodious than ever.
Hear for yourself – this album may very well be the best album DANTE have released to date!

What you will get?

  • When We Were Beautiful Digi-Pac
  • Signed by all bandmembers
  • Personal dedication
  • Bandpic

Markus says:

Markus / Keyboards
Markus / Keyboards

So here it is – our 4th studio album!

I would not have thought we would ever be able to say that when Markus and I started the band in late 2006 and did our first writing sessions in his tiny flat. But also, as life goes, I would not have thought back then that there would one day be a DANTE album without Markus.
Having to deal with his terrible disease and death is by far the most challenging thing we as a band ever had to go through, it was really heartbreaking to be so helpless.
But this tough time also made us an even stronger unit as we kept fighting for Markus´ wish and our desire to keep going, making the music we love.

To be honest, I never really doubted that musically we were able to write good songs, to write DANTE songs without Markus. As it´s been, I was always overseeing the creative direction of the band, so I knew I could handle that. But I wasn´t so sure about the emotional side, if it would feel right.
But as it turned out, we, as a band, soon found a good way of working, accepting that some things obviously were to change, but that this was not all going to be for the worse, that there were also many chances and things to do different this time, that the band could progress and evolve while, in its core, still remaining true to what the band is all about.

Of course the album would sound different than with Markus still being there, but we knew it would be a very strong album and that he would be very proud of it! That it would be very definitely a DANTE album.

It also makes us very proud to have so many great musicians play on the album. Just the fact that we had Dave Meros, Markus´ favourite bassplayer, play on our farewell song for Markus, is completely awesome! Thanks so much again Dave, this really means a lot to us! But we also like to thank all the other great musicians that contributed to the album, it´s really special for us!

So here it is – our 4th studio album, and in my honest opinion, I think we wrote our most ambitious, cohesive and definitely most modern album so far.I feel it´s a strong statement that DANTE is here to stay, that we´re stronger than ever.