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Get your copy of The Inner Circle, the debut album of DANTE and find out how our journey began. Exclusively only here in the DANTESHOP : You get the Download also with Booklet.

„DANTE succeeded to deliver a little Prog-masterpiece with their debut, that not only stands out with great music and the intelligent lyrics, but that is also delivered with a terrific artwork that is not only a match for home-productions. A real candidate for „Newcomer of the year“ „

Markus says:

Markus / Keyboards
Markus / Keyboards

Wow, I can´t believe it´s been 7 years now that we started writing what was to become our very first album „The Inner Circle“.

Markus Berger and I had been friends since school. We both went our ways after that, but never lost touch, and when we met in late 2006 and talked about doing some music together again, we went right into it. For a few weeks we could not arrange a session, so we decided to share clips online and work with that. I remember that Markus did finally send me an instrumental file called „S7“, like 2,5 minutes long, with a really crappy sounding GM-Drumkit. I did a few overdubs, sent it back, and Markus really liked what he heard and from that day on we regularily met to write music together. „S7“ finally became „More Or Less A Man“, and basically the first 2,5 minutes of the song on the album are basically those first ideas!

We had so much fun doing music together! We did all those sessions in Markus´ flat in a real tiny room, it was always a big deal to get all my keyboards in – we even had to MIDI up a keyboard in the next room…everytime we wanted to change something, somebody had to get up, walk over, change it and come back! But it was a blast!

In those days I sung all the guide vocals (which I still often do to this day – hopefully none of that will ever leak!!), and first we had no real idea about what to do with the music, there were initially no plans to form a band, it was all about writing the music. To get rid of those mediocre vocals we asked Alex, also a friend from school, to come over and sing, just to get a better impression of how it would sound. And somehow Alex just kept singing every new song, and all of a sudden he was „the singer“, it was just a natural process.

Then one day I received a mail from a drummer called Chris, saying that he had heard from somebody that we were looking for a drummer (which we actually did!). We had a short meeting, we gave him a few demos, and a few weeks later auditioned him playing „Faded“. Now that was really cool: Markus and I had no real expectations, but when Chris was like 2 minutes in the song our eyes met and we knew: we had found our drummer!

To this day, we are very proud of the album. It was great that we could do such a project completely on our own: write the music, record it, make a great booklet and all…

So this is how our journey began…and we´ve come a long way!

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